Many Texas Auto Insurance Policy Options

Auto insurance policies are very important investments that can change your driving and financial experiences. So many factors should be taken into consideration when you buy or change a Texas auto insurance policy at For example, you should be aware of the market’s cheapest policies, the total coverage provided and the amount you should pay from your pocket. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through all important things you must keep in mind while buying a Texas Auto insurance policy.

Texas Auto Insurance Policies

In general, all drivers in Texas are expected to carry a valid liability insurance policy. The minimum requirements are often shorthand written as 30/60/25. This means, you should pay 30,000 USD for bodily damages or death liability for a person; 60,000 USD for bodily damages or death liability per crash; 25,000 USD for property damages per crash. If you encounter a crash and the insurance covers property damage and injury treatment, up to your maximum threshold. It will not take care of your vehicle repairs or personal injuries. To avoid such surprises, you must opt for an expensive insurance coverage policy. Make sure the minimum insurance you pay can take care of third party costs and personal damages.

Coverage Policy

There are several different types of Texas auto insurance policies at These coverage policies have a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Before you choose an auto insurance scheme, make sure you understand these pros and cons properly. For example, there are special collision coverage policies. If you have a collision coverage scheme, the liability insurance policy provider will pay for the other person’s vehicle damages. If you have serious damages in your vehicle, they will take care of it too. The collision coverage policy has a deductible. This amount will be reduced from your claim payments. So, if you request for a coverage of 5,000 USD and have a deductible of 500 USD – the insurance policy provider will give you 4500 USD. As your deductible increases, the amount you get in hand will reduce.

Comprehensive Coverage

Another interesting auto insurance policy would be “Comprehensive Coverage”. Comprehensive coverage will take care of your car during fire, vandalism or theft. If you hit your car on an animal, comprehensive coverage will be a strong form of financial support. Just like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage has a deductible.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If a vehicle that doesn’t have an insurance policy hits you, or if your coverage is not enough to handle your bills – uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will help you. This is a special kind of insurance plan to support people without adequate coverage. This policy comes with a mandatory deductible of 250 USD. All Texas auto insurance companies are supposed to provide UM/UIM coverage. However, you can ask them to avoid it from your policy. This request has to be given in writing.

Last but certainly not least; you can rely on MedPay to help you with medical assistance. MedPay will take care of your treatment plus your family members’/passengers’.

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